Friday, May 18, 2012

Entertainment Center

This Project was motivated by the fact that I didn't like the cords hanging down from the mantle unto the coffee table/entertainment center. I wanted them hidden. This turned into a two sided entertainment center. The next thing I knew I was in it up to my neck in wood.

Here is a concept sketch along with what it used to look like.

Another concept sketch, slightly improved. There was actually a 3-D rendering I did up in Pro-E that I won't  bother with here.
Note: the new couches

 And another:

I buried a pvc pipe in the wall from the TV to the cabinet so I will be able to pull new wires through as the new technology comes out each year. I also moved the power outlets up the wall to the cabinet level. The speaker wire and internet cables are run under the crown molding.


It was essentially made in four separate pieces two lower and two upper.
The drawers were designed to perfectly fit dvd/blue ray cases although a few drawers have since been claimed as electronics junk drawers.

There was nothing special about the wood except it is the better stuff from the hardware store. I ended up only adding pvc through to the left side because I could run the wires to the right side under the crown molding up above.

Base boards and crown going up.
The bottom shelves were designed with enough space to house a server and printer.

I strongly recommend making a spray booth out of plastic because I am still finding over spray of everything I didn't cover.
You can see my beautiful and very pregnant wife helping me distress the cabinets by sanding the black lacquer paint back to the wood. After which we wiped a burnt umber stain on those distressed spots to give it a 'painted over' look, after which I clear coated everything with several coats.

Reassembling them in place and securing them to the studs in the wall.

Finished product!

Close ups

I installed some touch panel flush mount lighting.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Halloween Arch

I decided to make a Halloween arch for the front porch. 

Here is how I did it:

 I drew what I wanted it to look like.

Bought some 2" foam from the hardware store.

You can see in the corner where I tested some spray paints on the foam board while at the hardware store.

I used a router with a plunge bit  to route out bricks into the foam. 

I routed some smooth edges on the lower solid pieces to look like a solid cement block.

The Bones

Proving to myself that I could use the dremil tool to make bones.

How I made the bones.