Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Halloween Chandelier

Any old light will do- Spray Paint Black
Gather Supplies for stringing! I got mine at a great wearhouse sale at DCWV inc. They also have these great
supplies online here. 

 String your beads together 

 Here is where it got a little more involved. To attach the strings, I used a small drill bit and drilled
holes in the chandelier where i wanted all the beads to attach. Then threaded the ends of my stings
though the holes drilled, and tied them off  and secured with a bead and a dot of super glue.
 After stringing the entire chandelier. I attached skulls and Ravens. Both items
I found at the Dollar Store. I then epoxied the solar lights into place (also a popular pin floating 
on Pinterest)

There was much debate on where to hang it. Outside or Inside.